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Meet Kylie Read

Certified Personal Trainer

I offer comprehensive body transformation plans based on personal goals and needs whilst incorporating in-depth health and exercise strategies, functional training, strength training, nutrition coaching, injury rehabilitation (and more) to produce dramatic results for each individual client.

I believe health and fitness should be central to everything we do and not always treated exclusively.  I will provide:


High-quality, focused strength workouts


Healthy eating advice


High impact cardio workouts


Exercises you can do anywhere


MetaFit, boxing & more


…with a smile 🙂

The Complete Fitness Strategy

Kylie’s group fitness and personal training includes many varied fitness programs and nutritional guidance tailored to an individual’s needs and lifestyle, all designed to transform you inside and out.

Personal Training: 1 on 1

I prefer to work 1-1 with my PT clients so 100% of my attention is on you! Personalized training specific to your goals. 30 min, 45min or 1 hour sessions available.


Weight Loss

Need to lose weight? I have many options available to you. I work ‘with’ you to find the right approach to your goals. Nutrition Guidance is also available.


Body Transformation

If you want to ‘change’ the shape of your body then we can achieve this through weights, and no you won’t look like a man, I promise! Beach body, body toning, muscle building or just wanting to feel confident and awesome… then this is for you!



I’m passionate about boxing and all of the benefits it brings. There’s nothing better than smashing out a session to release all of the stresses of the day. There are a lot of options to choose from including group boxing classes or one on one sessions.



Thirty minutes is all you need For each Metafit session. You will see fantastic results quickly by adding a couple of these classes to your week. Metafit combines body weight exercises with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) techniques. Its tough, but that’s why it works! It can also be adapted to suit your fitness level.

Online Program

Don’t live close by? Can’t get to my sessions? Not a problem! After receiving your information, I will send you your personalised fitness program. Yes – personalised! Not a generic print out or a one size fits all approach. You can expect nutritional guidance, ongoing support and weekly catch ups to keep you motivated!

Some Words from my Clients


The variety in class sessions keeps me loving the work outs and Kylie is always ensuring that I keep pushing my boundaries. Most importantly I have seen a huge improvement in my fitness level, personal appearance and self-confidence. I highly recommend Kylie and her sessions to anyone at ANY level.

Alissa Ward



Kylies classes are well planned and she is always ready to start ahead of time. She is always encouraging and motivating, and is very flexible offering classes at times to suit everyone. Kylies personal approach, eye for safety and ability to offer different options for those at different levels makes her a great trainer.

Lisa Windsor



I’ve been going to Kylie’s classes for a few months now and I’m loving it. Great workouts and great atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly! Kylie is a fantastic trainer!

Nicola Hensby



Quickly after starting training with Kylie, myself and everyone could rapidly notice positive changes in my appearance, strength, fitness and confidence within myself. I’ve now been training with Kylie for over four years now and still continue to get results!

Sarah Bell



I have been going to Kylies boxing sessions twice a week for a year now. I have noticed a big change in my fitness level and strength. Kylie is very friendly and adapts her programs for you if you have an injury, ailment or you are 54 like me. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to get fit in a very friendly and inclusive environment.

Donna Blatchford



Kylie is the woman who, for me, made it possible to exercise with children and ENJOY it! I go to her group boxing classes and I do a one on one PT session each week as well. I go to a metafit class when I can get to one and I LOVE them all! Kylie is so cool, calm & collected. She knows her stuff and she makes exercising fun.

Sammy Terlich



I have found training with Kylie every session is different and has its different challenges which makes it interesting. Kylies classes are fun, non-judgemental, challenging and motivating. Kylie is a wonderful trainer, she ROCKS.

Kristan Turner



Kylie also caters for Men! She trains me in single PT and group sessions 4 mornings a week. The variety and high intensity suits me very well, increasing my core strength and flexibility has all but cured my lower back pain. Thank you Kylie! Her sessions are fun, hard out, rewarding – I can highly recommend her to anyone of any fitness, shape, size and gender – you will soon see and feel the difference!

Barry McCarthy



I started training with Kylie Read about 1 & 1/2 years ago because I got bored with going to the gym. I have tried all the different gym classes and exercise machines but found they weren’t giving me the motivation to keep going. Kylie’s group training sessions have given me the motivation!! She has changed my whole outlook on working out by making each boxing session a new challenge… And fun..It feels so rewarding once we’re done! I love it!

Stacey Lythgow



I have been training with Kylie three times a week for the last year. Each session, Kylie provides us with new routines to make the workout fun and keep us challenged. Not only do I get a great workout focussing on all parts of my body, but I have also made some great friends in the process. A brilliant way to spend an hour.

Michelle McCormac



After a long, hard day at work there is nothing more satisfying than smashing out the day’s crappy moments with a pair of boxing gloves and a dedicated instructor who tailors classes to meet everyone’s needs. Kylie goes above the average instructor pushing me to do my personal best and adjusting her programme to cater for my injuries. Although I hate Kylie during her workouts I have an abundance of love and gratitude at the end….if you like working hard and seeing results, then Kylie Reed is your girl.

Melanie Osbourne



I have been training with Kylie for a year now and for the first time in my life (38yrs) I actually look forward to doing exercise. Kylie’s sessions are tough but doable and I am now the strongest and fittest I have ever been. Kylie’s training techniques are suitable for everyone and the feeling of belonging to a group of people who have fun while working out keeps me motivated, as does having an awesome trainer like Kylie.

Tina Whitbread



Kylie is not only professional and skilled, but she is motivating without the pressure to keep up with the younger members. Kylie’s sessions are hard core, always different and varied, fun, and most of all have me coming back time and time again.

Wendy Carroll



I wanted a gym program that I could do myself, without having a trainer with me and actually see results. I am so happy with my program, Kylie listened to what I could and couldn’t do and tailor made a program just for me. I went from benching 5kg DB to 8kg DB, very happy!



I have been attending Kylie’s group training for about 8 months and I cannot speak highly enough of her. I absolutely love going to Kylie’s classes. Her easy-going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She keeps each workout different, challenging, and most importantly, fun!

Emma Lloyd-Jones



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